Couple therapy

Are you in a crisis in your partnership and feel that you can no longer overcome it alone? Are you living side by side, have you forgotten how to talk to each other, have you experienced a serious breach of trust (e.g. an infidelity)? Couples therapy can be helpful here.

A prerequisite for the success of couples therapy is the willingness of both partners to talk openly about themselves and the situation and to have the will to implement changes that are indicated in the course of couples therapy.

Couple therapy can initially aim to find out whether the relationship should be “improved” or “saved”, or whether a separation is the better option in the interests of both partners. For both goals, therapeutic help can have a very relieving effect on both partners.

If the decision is in favor of the relationship, psychotherapists can help to identify and name the problems underlying the crisis. If the decision is against the relationship, a good way into and through the separation is sought here, depending on the goal of the therapy.

In general, couple therapy is about promoting understanding for the other person. To this end, (secret) wishes, fears or disappointments are made the subject of discussion. The expectations – whether irrational or not – that the respective partners have of the relationship are examined. Finally, an attempt is also made to understand the behavior of the other against the background of the respective personal life story and, if necessary, to learn to accept this behavior.