Just like adults, children and young people sometimes need help to get through certain phases of their lives or to process experiences better.

Depending on the development and age of the child or adolescent, the type of help provided by the psychotherapist varies: Sometimes more play is used with the help of creative means to build the relationship between the child or adolescent and the psychotherapist, and sometimes talking is used, similar to adult therapy.

The treatment and the type of approach are individually tailored to the goals and the respective problems of the individual. We meet you and your child where you are at the moment. The individual treatment steps are planned individually and carefully. No “standard program” is imposed on you.

Another basic building block of child and adolescent psychotherapy is the accompanying parental interview. With children, these conversations are unavoidable; with adolescents, it may make therapeutic sense to invite parents only occasionally.

We attach great importance to focusing on your child’s positive characteristics and abilities in order to promote them.

In this flyer (only available in German) you will find information on child and adolescent psychotherapy for depression.