Proof of abstinence from alcohol and drugs

Under the following circumstances, the driving license authority will also require proof that you have not consumed alcohol or drugs over a longer period of time in addition to a successfully completed MPU when applying for reinstatement (after withdrawal of the driving license):

  1. If you have been caught driving under the influence of alcohol or have committed a criminal offense
  2. If you are under the (even minimal) influence of drugs (the mere evidence of basic consumption is often sufficient here) and have been caught or convicted in traffic accidents

A certificate from your family doctor is not sufficient for this proof of abstinence. You must submit proof of urine, blood or hair analysis from a specially recognized laboratory.

The required period of proof of abstinence can be six or twelve months. Therefore, start this requirement as soon as possible after the court order.

Suitable institutes (laboratories) for this proof of abstinence can be named to you by the driving license office.

Hair analyses can – depending on the length of the hair – provide evidence of up to three months retrospectively. For urine and blood tests, you will be required to attend the laboratory without prior notice. During a required abstinence period of six months, you will be called a total of four times. If you have been tested for twelve months, you will be called in for a short-term test a total of six times.

Detection times for drugs vary considerably depending on the type of drug consumed.

The laboratories work very precisely: even minimal residues of drugs or their specific metabolites usually do not go undetected.

If a positive test result is obtained and alcohol or drug consumption is detected in the laboratory, the abstinence program will be terminated immediately.