Video sessions

Has your child suddenly fallen ill or are you unable to leave the house at short notice for health reasons? These are reasons why, in exceptional cases, an online video session could take place as a substitute for your appointment at our practice.

It is possible to have some psychotherapy sessions in an online session within the framework of statutory health insurance. But only then,
if the psychotherapist and patient have already met in person. An initial diagnosis, indication and information must be provided in advance.

You don’t need any special technology for this: a computer, tablet or smartphone with a camera, microphone and loudspeaker is all you need. Of course, you also need an Internet connection to be able to go online.

The technical connection runs via “Arztkonsultation”, a certified video service provider that we have specially commissioned and that meets special security requirements. This ensures that what you discuss in your therapy session remains in the “consulting room”.

Please clarify with your psychotherapist on a case-by-case basis whether a video consultation is an option for you.

How does a video session work?

  1. For your online appointment, you will receive a link from the video service provider that is valid for this one session and only for the time you have booked with us.
  2. On the day of the video session, dial in via the link on the website a few minutes before the appointment. You do not need to create your own account here, the dial-in code on this website is sufficient.
  3. After a short automatic technical test, you will be taken to the online waiting room. Your psychotherapist will call you when the session is ready to begin.
  4. Once the session has ended, log out of the website again.

What happens before the video consultation?

Before the first online video session, we will inform you about data protection issues. It is therefore forbidden under criminal law to record or film the conversation. We will ask you to sign a declaration of consent that you agree to the data protection regulations.
Of course, we will also explain to you in advance what you should pay attention to during the video session, for example good lighting and a quiet environment in which you will not be disturbed.