Information on the AOK and BKK specialist program

Special features for AOK and BKK policyholders

In Baden-Württemberg, some health insurance funds offer special services for insured persons in supplementary contracts called “specialist contracts”. These offers regulate “special features” for insured persons and practices. These special regulations differ from those in the nationally anchored standard medical care.

These specialist contracts also exist for psychotherapy. One of the special regulations here is that insured persons can submit applications for psychotherapy very unbureaucratically to the health insurance funds. This enables patients to start treatment immediately if a therapy slot is available. There is also no need for the usual applications and extensions after a few hours of therapy. Your therapy can be guaranteed seamlessly, without waiting for approvals.

At the same time, this unbureaucratic application process saves psychotherapists a lot of time. This saved time makes it possible to admit more patients.


How you can participate

Are you insured with AOK or BKK-Bosch and actively enrolled in the general practitioner program with your general practitioner? Then you can enrol in the AOK specialist program. Many specialists in North-Württemberg take part in this specialist program. If you enrol, this is where important coordination between your doctors and your psychotherapist can take place in order to provide you with the best possible support in your treatment. The majority of all specialist practices in the Esslingen district take part in this specialist contract.

You can obtain further information directly from your health insurance company or here:


Are you insured with a Betriebskrankenkasse (BKKs) that participates in this specialist contract?

Mercedes-Benz BKK has its own specialist contract. If you are insured with another BKK, ask your Betriebskrankenkasse whether it participates in the specialist contract or find out more here:


You do not have to be enrolled in a general practitioner contract for this BKK specialist contract for psychotherapy. Also, once enrolled, there is no further commitment to other specialists with a specialist contract.

You can obtain further information directly from your health insurance company.