Assumption of costs

In principle, all diagnoses listed in the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10), in particular in chapter “F”, can be the subject of psychotherapeutic treatment. These include depression, anxiety and adjustment disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders, pain disorders, eating disorders, trauma and addiction.

Psychotherapy methods recognized by health insurance companies are behavioural therapy, depth psychology-based psychotherapy, systemic therapy and analytical therapy.

Diagnostic sessions are covered by your health insurance without the need for an application. In order for the costs of psychotherapy following the diagnosis to be covered, either an application must be submitted beforehand or the health insurance company must be informed of the start of treatment. You can find more information under Application.

The costs of approved psychotherapy are fully covered by all statutory health insurance companies. It is sufficient to present your insurance card. There is no additional payment for patients.

For insured persons who are entitled to financial aid, the German Psychotherapy Aid Ordinance applies. It roughly corresponds to that of the statutory health insurance funds. Here too, a corresponding application must be submitted in advance.

Privately insured persons are advised to clarify the application procedure for cost coverage with their insurance company before starting treatment, as the question of cost coverage depends on your individual contract conditions, i.e. also on the insurance tariff agreed in the individual case.