Psychotherapy is a comprehensive and long-term treatment for mental illness. This begins with diagnostic sessions. The psychotherapist and you decide together during this diagnostic phase, or at the latest at the end of this phase, whether psychotherapy should be started and whether the costs should be covered by the responsible funding body. Diagnostic sessions are always paid for by your health insurance fund, even without an application.

The applicant is you, the patient. We will support you with your application, in particular by providing professional justification for the psychotherapy application. The entire approval process takes a few days or up to three weeks, depending on the regulations of your health insurance company. If an expert is involved, this procedure can take up to 6 weeks.

The implementation and, if necessary, extension of psychotherapy is almost always subject to application and approval for both those with statutory health insurance and those with private insurance. Psychotherapeutic treatment therefore only begins when you, the patient, have received written confirmation that your health insurance company will cover the costs. In the event that you wish to start treatment earlier and in the further event that the costs are not reimbursed in full or in part by your insurance provider, you as the patient owe this fee in full personally to the psychotherapeutic practice.

Special application features for patients with statutory health insurance

  • People with statutory health insurance must undergo at least three diagnostic consultations before applying for psychotherapy.
  • Before applying for treatment, you will need a consultation report to rule out any physical (e.g. hormonal) causes for your symptoms. You must submit this “consultation report” from your general practitioner to the secretary’s office of our practice as soon as possible so that the application can be submitted. You can obtain the form for this at our practice.
  • Each individual section of your psychotherapy and each extension must be applied for anew with your health insurance company.

Special application features in the AOK and BKK-Bosch specialist doctor contract

Patients with statutory health insurance under the AOK or BKK-Bosch specialist contract can begin behavioral therapy or depth psychology-based treatment without an application process, i.e. without the bureaucratic burden. The professional decision of your psychotherapist and your personal consent apply to the start of psychotherapy. You also decide the number of sessions required together on the basis of your therapy success and prospects.

  • During the first sessions of your psychotherapy, your psychotherapist will ask your family doctor for a consultation report to rule out any physical (e.g. hormonal) causes for your symptoms. You do not need to do anything else here.

Special application requirements for patients with private and public assistance insurance

  • You clarify the application procedure for cost coverage directly with your private health insurance company before starting treatment. The application procedure and assumption of costs depend on your individual contract conditions, i.e. also on your agreed insurance tariff. You can request the special application forms from your health insurance company there.
  • The respective aid regulations apply to the aid The application forms can be obtained from your aid office. As a rule, patients take out private supplementary insurance in addition to their main insurance with the health insurance fund. You should also ask them to send you the application forms.