For adult patients

ISR: ICD-10 symptom rating

(Tritt, K., von Heymann, F., Zaudig, M., Zacharias, I., Söllner, W., Loew, T.)
You can download the ISR questionnaire and the associated evaluation forms (ISR status sheet and ISR profile history) from the website of the Institute for Quality Development in Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics:

On this homepage of the institute there is also a possibility to download an input program for the ISR free of charge.

Sabine Schäfer provides instructions on how to use and evaluate the ISR for Paper-Pencil here: ISR instructions

HAQ: Helping Alliance Questionnaire

Assessment of the therapeutic working relationship (Bassler et al.)
Here you will find the two questionnaires for the HAQ, which were created by me according to the instructions of Prof. Dr. Markus Bassler and are available for you to download here with his kind permission. I look forward to receiving feedback on our evaluation form!
Underlying literature: Bassler et al. (1995). The “Helping Alliance Questionnaire” (HAQ) by Luborsky. Psychotherapist 40, 23-32.

HAQ self-assessment questionnaire

HAQ external assessment questionnaire

HAQ evaluation questionnaire