Rauber castle ruins

The ruins were built around 1210 by the knights of Diepholdsburg. This is why“Ruine Diepholdsburg” is the actual name of the castle ruins. It was given the name “Rauber” because of its use as a robber baron’s castle. It lies at an altitude of 720m above sea level.

In the 16th century, most of the castle fell into disrepair. Virtually nothing remains of the outer bailey. Only the enclosing walls were restored in 1964 and 1965 and the shield walls were partially rebuilt.

This castle ruin is also located on a rock right on the edge of the Alb. A little below is the so-called “Sattelbogen”, which connects this section of the Alb with the next section of the Alb ridge with Teck Castle in the form of a lower-lying saddle.

From the castle ruins, you again have a wonderful view of the valley landscape and across to Teck Castle. The castle ruins can be reached from Bissingen in the valley via a steep hiking trail. You will need approx. 45 minutes to do this at a brisk pace.

By car, you can reach the castle ruins by turning right at the parking lot to the Breitenstein (see there) and parking at the “Rauberwiese” hiking parking lot. You can reach the Rauber castle ruins in approx. 15 minutes via a hiking trail to Diepholdsburg.

Further information about the castle ruins can be found here on the homepage of the village of Lenningen.