Broad stone

The Breitenstein is a rocky plateau near the village of Ochsenwang. The rocky outcrop consists of a white Jura rock and lies at 811m on the northern edge of the Swabian Alb, directly on the Albtrauf.
From the approx. 200m wide plateau of the Breitenstein, there is a wide view, unobstructed by vegetation, of the area approx. 400m below.

You can either opt for a tight ascent from Bissingen an der Teck, situated at the foot of the Breitenstein. Or you can drive by car, motorcycle or bicycle (!) up the Alb towards Ochsenwang. Once you reach the top, a sign will direct you to the Breitenstein parking lot (on the left). From there it is a 5-minute walk at ground level to the breathtaking view of the plain, which often offers a view as far as Stuttgart. This view is an excellent backdrop for a picnic, whether during the day or as an evening meal in the sunset.