A qualified diagnosis is made during the first psychotherapeutic consultations. The diagnostic interview and, in addition, some questionnaires and reports from your previous treatments that have proven themselves in clinical treatment are used for this purpose. Together with you, we try to arrive at as comprehensive and accurate an understanding as possible of your problem and the development and maintenance of your illness or crisis.

Indication and, if necessary, mediation

Once the diagnosis has been made, the indication is determined, i.e. we determine which support measures are appropriate for you. If we determine that psychotherapeutic treatment is necessary, we will advise you on which psychotherapy method and which psychotherapist can best help you.

During these diagnostic sessions, it is also clarified whether the intended psychotherapy and goals are promising for the problem at hand. Here it is also important to check whether the relationship between you as the patient and the psychotherapist is sustainable. The scope of treatment and the frequency of the individual sessions are also determined during this diagnostic phase.

Our practice employs highly qualified and very experienced psychotherapists who can provide treatment if a psychotherapy slot is available. When considering the right indication and support for your problems, we naturally involve all relevant colleagues and institutions in your environment.