Psychotherapy for adults

When do I need psychotherapy? Or do I need other assistance? This is often difficult for you as the person affected to determine. You may be experiencing or have been experiencing difficulties with yourself or others, with your job, your everyday life or your children. Sometimes physical difficulties that your doctor can no longer answer are the trigger for seeking psychotherapy to find ways to bring about improvements.

The first step in the initial diagnostic consultation is to clarify the cause of your symptoms. In addition to the “psychological findings”, we also investigate the extent to which a physical cause is (also) causing your psychological complaints. This is the case, for example, with thyroid disease or the onset of the menopause. But mental illness is also often accompanied by physical symptoms such as migraines, dizziness, fatigue and much more.

In addition to dealing with and treating the illness, psychotherapy serves to improve your personal skills in dealing with challenges so that you feel better in the future and experience fun and satisfaction in everyday life again.

Psychotherapy is always a team effort in which you receive the support you need. However, this does not work without your active participation.

You can find more information on psychotherapy here in the information flyer of the German Psychotherapists’ Association.